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AccuDrift® Unmanned MWD Survey Tool

AccuDrift<sup>®</sup> Unmanned MWD Survey Tool

Nabors’ AccuDrift system is an unmanned survey tool that saves time and resources by replacing the need for traditional wireline inclination surveys. Besides eliminating the need for additional crew members at the rig site, the system provides accurate, high-quality data that prevents unwanted drilling events. If the system doesn’t indicate any deviation, customers can be more aggressive in their drilling parameters for rate of penetration gains and reduced drilling times.

The AccuDrift® system features

  • No wellsite assembly for higher reliability and reduced HSE risks
  • Reduced dogleg severity for a smoother well bore
  • Automatic surveys on every connection for faster ROP 
  • High resolution data that can be downloaded post well
  • 24/7 remote monitoring capability to ensure quality control
  • Long battery life (up to 1,000 hours) to enable drilling with the same tool on multiple well pads
  • Up to 10 percent savings in total rig time by eliminating nonproduction time during connection

Versatile Application

The AccuDrift system is ideal for all vertical wells and vertical well sections that require inclination-only surveys, including wells without planned deviations and those with planned deviations during later sections. The tool allows drillers to eliminate blind drilling and gyro orienting in later sections of the wellbore, which can lead to excessive displacement from the surface location. The AccuDrift tool helps avoid unforeseen trends that can lead to potential collision risks, well revisions and lost penetration rate.

Rigline 24/7™ Technical Support

Besides remote monitoring of inclination survey data, Nabors trains rig crews in the successful use of the AccuDrift system, as well as provides onsite technical service support.

Enhance Your Operations

Nabors offers an integrated suite of performance products and services that work with the AccuDrift system to improve drilling performance, including Total Control Non-Stop Driller, a sub-based constant circulation system designed to improve drilling efficiency, operational safety, hold condition and equipment integration. 

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