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Nabors Energy Transition Solutions

Energy Soultions

Nabors aims to help shape the future of energy and accelerate the transition to a lower carbon world. Our Energy Transition Solutions portfolio of advanced and automated technologies is purpose-built to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiencies of drilling operations.

Our solutions focus on decarbonizing the oilfield in four key areas:

  • Advisory and Managements Systems: engine advisory and management solutions allow rigs to run engines at their most efficient levels and reduce the overall amount of emissions generated.
  • Technology: Technology solutions that reduce fuel consumption and emissions through energy storage and green fuels in an effort to diversify from pure diesel into cleaner fuels. 
  • Automation and Centralization: Utilization and further development of automation and centralization translates into additional remote support and operations, reducing on-site support and increasing safety.
  • Training, Education and Awareness: Instituting required trainings for all employees to understand the impact of our operations on the environment and our carbon footprint reduction objectives. 

Highlighted solutions are presented below. To learn more about our complete portfolio, click here.

Energy Storage

Hybrid Energy Management System (hEMS) with CleanDesign Battery

The hEMS upgrades any drilling rig into a hybrid rig, using CleanDesign battery energy storage and an automated engine management system to reduce the number of gensets operating. 

CleanDesign Brochure

Canrig PowerFLOW™

Canrig PowerFLOW™ combines a Super Capacitor Energy Storage Solution (ESS) and a Power Management System to provide a true Peak Shaving® Solution, reducing the required number of on-line gen-sets. 

Emissions Reporting

Through controls and modules on the engines Nabors tracks engine loads and transmit the data back to a central server, calculating the fuel usage and emissions information which is afterwards consolidated in the End of Well report. Emissions reporting is available through RigCLOUD

Green Fuels

nanO2® Combustion Catalyst

nanO2® is a combustion catalyst diesel fuel additive that reduces emissions, improves fuel efficiency and increases engine performance; reducing combustion temperatures.

nanO2® Brochure


Dual-fuel (diesel + gas) rig upgrades includes the installation of the required equipment to add natural gas to the engine along with diesel, as well as gas detection and equipment for gas supply shut off. 

Alternative Energy

Where High-Line power is available, a Canrig PowerTAP™ module can be installed to accept grid power and interface with the VFD system – directly providing all electric power to the rig without the need to run engines.