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Custom Integration

Canrig has a highly intelligent and experienced team of experts who design custom automated equipment solutions for customers who face unique drilling challenges.

With over 20 years of experience in designing custom solutions for the oilfield industry, engineers are available to integrate top drives, catwalks, casing running tools or other equipment into any desired rig, including rigs of the future or older classes of rigs ready to see a new age of drilling. 

Integration projects have included:

  • Rig Power System Integrations
  • Torque Arrest Integrations
  • Torque Arm/Dolly designs
  • Integrated travel block adapters
  • Travel stand customization
  • Driller’s Panel Integrations – Driller’s Console & Cyber Stations
  • Service Loop Customizations
  • Integrated & Split Block Options
  • Enhanced Top Drives to fit market niches
  • Catwalk electrical and mechanical system customization
  • Catwalk pony subs designed to reach higher drill floors
  • Control system modifications of catwalks
  • Modularization of catwalk to meet offshore market requirements
  • Rig fleet Kelly to Top Drive conversions

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