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(previously ROCKit® Pilot)

Through automation of slide drilling, the advanced SmartSLIDE directional steering control system has proven to deliver differentiated performance for our customers. With hundreds of wells drilled in every major U.S. land basin, the SmartSLIDE system cuts costs per well through reduced slide hours and lower overall cycle time.

SmartSLIDE Features

  • Configurable directional steering control system
  • Visualization and analysis tools of the planned and as-drilled trajectory
  • Facilitates collaboration between users at the rig or in a remote operating center
  • Fully integrated with the SmartNAV™ directional guidance software and the SmartDRILL™ machine task sequencer
  • Customized service through operations experts to facilitate training, remote support and KPI monitoring to ensure operational performance
  • Interactive slide or rotate steering instructions provided on a stand-by-stand basis
  • Customizable rules and best practices
  • Expanded functionality and performance measurement through integration with RigCLOUD®
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