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SmartROS Control System


(previously Rigtelligent™)

The platform for the digitalization and automation enabling the deployment of innovative technology to enhance drilling performance. The SmartROS controls system is developed by drillers for drillers and can be scaled easily across your equipment fleet, regardless of manufacturer. 

SmartROS  Features

  • Activity-based workflows
  • Intuitive, icon-based navigation screens
  • Integration of smart features on a single interface, operators can leverage the features of SmartNAV™, SmartSLIDE™, SmartDRILL™, RSS downlinking and ROCKit®
  • Automation framework that supports a novel recipe manager that can be triggered by planned depths using the SmartPLAN™ system
  • Standard on Nabors rigs, but can be installed on any rig domestically or internationally regardless of manufacturer
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