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Electric Drill Floor Robot


With a 1500 kilogram load capacity, the fully electric drill floor robot automates all pipe and tool operations to reduce the need for manual labor on a rig’s drill floor. As a result, the following drilling tasks can be safely executed more precisely than conventional equipment

  • Tripping (early studies indicate slips-to-slips time of less than one minute)
  • BHA MU/BO and other assemblies
  • Handling of casing, tubing, liners and screens
  • Handling of completion components
  • P&A operations, pick-up and lay down drill pipe

Automated grippers, spinners, clamping and other handling tools enable the electric drill floor robot to perform safer, hands-free drill floor operations. As the robot performs various tasks, it seamlessly uses different “smart” tools to quickly and precisely transfer power and communicate with other rig components. Its self-contained, built-in hardware controls and standard electric components allow for easy installation and low maintenance. 


  • Fully electric with 1500 kg capacity
  • Rapid tool exchange
  • Spinning capability 
  • Seven axis motion 
  • High speed and accuracy

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