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Electric Robotic Pipe Handler

Robotic Pipe Handler RPH-3500

The Canrig® electric robotic pipe handler is a flexible nine degrees of freedom robot where the lower boom can operate between horizontal and vertical and, therefore, handle tubulars from horizontal to vertical without a separate dedicated HTV machine. Protectors are not needed. 

The electric robotic pipe handler robot can exchange its handling tools, such as a gripper or spinner-gripper. With its unique spinner-grippers, the robotic pipe handler can spin pipe directly into or out of the stick-up, and thereafter, the roughneck only has to do the make and break operation.

When handling stands, the robotic pipe handler consists of a lower and an upper boom. These two booms can be operated separately, thereby enabling activities such as offline stand building without interfering with the drilling operation.


  • Fully electric, nine axis robot for pipe and casing
  • Self-contained with hardware controls built-in for easy installation and integration
  • Low maintenance requirement due to use of standard electric components and oilfilled gears
  • Capable of spinning stands
  • Built-in HTV capability
  • 3500 kg capacity on each pipe handler boom

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