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Nabors SmartRig® Drilling Systems

Nabors SmartRigs™

Based on our worldwide drilling experience, Nabors has engineered a series of programmable A/C electric, or PACE® rigs, that feature:

  • Minimum 1500 horsepower
  • 22,000 feet of five-inch drill pipe racking capacity
  • Hookload capacity of 750,000 lbs
  • Three 1600-horsepower 7500 psi mud pumps
  • Four engines
  • Advanced walking capabilities for batch drilling multiple wells on a single pad

Nabors’ unique combination of integrated surface and downhole technologies, proprietary software and pad-optimal features creates more value for customers by significantly reducing hidden flat time and providing consistent performance.

In 2017, Nabors converted its existing PACE®-B and PACE®-S rigs to a platform equal in capacity and functionality as the newer PACE® rigs. Powered by the SmartROS® platofrm, Nabors has approximately 100 pad-optimal PACE® series Nabors SmartRig® drilling systems.


All PACE® rigs are equipped with our state-of-the-art SmartROS™ platform to further enhance drilling performance. The SmartROS™ platform features an intuitive, icon-based navigation screens that adjust based on current rig activity. Integrated with advanced downhole tools, the control system enables the automation of repetitive tasks and alerts the driller of any potential issues.

SmartROS™ controls feature:

  • A user-friendly interface design that resembles mobile device screens
  • Icons that reflect the status of various equipment subsystems and provide the driller with more detailed, equipment-specific information
  • Integration with other downhole technologies for streamlined management
  • Ability to add additional rig services in controls, such as mudlogging

Faster rig moves

PACE® rigs are designed to move rapidly, either well-to-well or in a pad-to-pad drilling configuration. They feature:

  • Revolutionary mast and substructure designed to each move in one to three loads
  • Integrated top drive and traveling block remain in mast during transport
  • Mast can be raised or lowered from either side of the rig and the automated catwalk can be positioned in two different locations, giving customers more options for drill-side configuration
  • BOP handling system moves the OP in one piece, promoting faster, safer rig up
  • Substructure and mast are raised hydraulically, off the rig up critical path, ensuring safe and efficient operations

Safety first

Nabors SmartRig® drilling systems are designed with automated drilling equipment and components that enhance the safety and efficiency of operations. For example, PACE® rigs are equipped with:

  • TM80 iron roughnecks, which eliminate injuries associated with making and breaking connections
  • Automated catwalks, that reduce crew exposure to pipe handling, the most common cause of injury
  • Cameras in the derrick, allowing the driller to view the derrick man and the top drive
  • Air-powered slips which prevent back injuries

24/7TM Rigline Support

Nabors SmartRig® drilling rigs are supported by a global network of dedicated technicians trained in the AC/PLC systems. Satellite communications allow online troubleshooting of systems and minute-to-minute remote monitoring to help prevent downtime.

The technical field support team includes experts that provide onsite troubleshooting in the field, backed by dedicated maintenance superintendents in regional offices and remote support teams.