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Digital Mud Logging (DML)


Nabors provides the broadest range of geological evaluation and digital mud logging (DML) services to help you understand the wellbore and mitigate drilling risks. Backed by an experienced team of geologists and wellsite applications engineers, customers receive accurate formation evaluation for better decision making to enhance drilling performance.

By understanding the wellbore, operators can recognize potential formation problems before they affect drilling performance. DML integrates all wellsite geological data – including measurement, logging and pressure while drilling (MWD/LWD/PWD); and directional and petrophysical data, electric log data, basic mud logging and drilling parameters – to reduce the risk of drilling incidents.

By minimizing the risks associated with drilling, DML enables drillers to reduce non-productive time and increase production through:

  • Formation evaluation to identify hydrocarbon presence and potential problematic formations
  • Understanding of the wellbore to recognize potential formation problems before they impact drilling performance
  • Prevention of formation pressure incidents, such as kicks, mud losses and other wellbore problems that lead to the loss of the entire well and to nonproductive time
  • Evaluation of inadequate drilling fluid or improper mud weight to prevent wellbore instability and formation damage
  • Prevention of stuck pipe by monitoring inadequate hole cleaning that can cause wellbore caving or damage 
  • Prevention of lost circulation by monitoring uncontrolled loss of drilling fluids into the reservoir
  • Improved drilling performance by monitoring critical drilling parameters, such as mud pit volumes, mud flow rate, and weight, return flow rate and return mud weight

Nabors DML services work in all well applications, providing maximum flexibility for the collection, storage, export and digital presentation of mud logging and engineering data.

Expert Technical Support

DML services are backed by a team of highly trained geologists with regional basin experience who provide accurate formation evaluation analysis of drilling operations to reduce the risk of drilling incidents. The team reviews cutting properties to better evaluate the formation to help mitigate wellbore instability, optimize hold cleaning, prevent stuck pipe and improve drilling performance. Wellsite applications engineers also provide onsite technical support.

Cost-Effective Solution

Because Nabors DML services are remote, they provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional manned mud logging. Powered by the RigWatch® suite and® portal, DML services allow expert geologists to monitor multiple wells and support critical decisions to help operators drill wells more efficiently and maintain a safe rig operating environment. Additionally, remote diagnostics, testing and repair capabilities help resolve issues without having to dispatch a technician to location for increased cost savings.

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