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Canrig’s nanO2® Fuel Enhancer Increased Fuel Efficiency by an Average of 5.3% on Nabors Rigs in Colombia

March 31, 2023

Early results from drilling and completion operations across three continents demonstrate that improving fuel efficiency without compromising performance is achievable by adding the Canrig nanO2 fuel enhancer to an engine’s fuel mix.

Following those successful deployments, Nabors implemented nanO2 across five drilling rigs in Colombia. The nanO2 was deployed each time the rigs received fuel using a manual dosing procedure.

Testing was broken down by each well section over the course of six months. Initial results indicated the five rigs averaged a 5.3% increase in fuel efficiency over the baseline, saving 24,486 gallons of diesel fuel over 25 wells, and an estimated 250 metric tons of CO2e—equivalent to 54 gasoline-powered vehicles driven for one year.

“Canrig is distributing nanO2 throughout Latin America, in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. Our clients are seeing significant results on old and new engines, with good performance in the motors as well as a reduction in fuel consumption costs and decreasing CO2 emissions on their operations. It is a game changer for all Latin America as it’s a high-reward, low-cost product that provides quick results.” Sebastian Martinez, Canrig Business Development Manager, LATAM

Once the initial deployment was complete, the five rigs continued to use nanO2. The rigs continued to see savings, improving to a 6.16% reduction in fuel usage, saving an estimated 686.3 metric tons of CO2e since the implementation of nanO2, proving that with the consistent use of nanO2, customers will continue to see savings across operations.

The full case study is now available for download.

The nanO2 fuel enhancer is distributed exclusively by Canrig to customers in the drilling and completions industry.