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Canrig® Robotics

Canrig® Robotics provides automated tubular and tool handling modular systems that are applicable both in onshore and offshore markets, on new build drilling rigs as well as retrofits. By combining these robotic drilling components, manufactured by Canrig, with the automation features of Nabors’ SmartROS™, operators can further improve operational efficiency and drilling performance.

Additionally, when the full robotic drilling system is utilized on the drill floor, various automated surface components perform repetitive drilling tasks in a fast, seamless, consistent, and hands-free manner for increased safety.

Robotic drilling components include:

Electric Drill Floor Robot

Offers hands-free process by automating all pipe and tool operations on the drill floor.

Electric Robotic Roughneck

World’s first fully electric roughneck, the torque wrench and the backup-tong can be individually height adjusted to handle bottom-hole assemblies and other challenging operations.

Multi-Size Elevator MSE-350

Cooperates seamlessly with the pipe handler to ensure a fast and safe transfer of objects, through the weight negotiation feature of the robotic control system.

Electric Robotic Pipe Handler

A flexible nine degrees of freedom robot where the lower boom can operate between horizontal and vertical and, therefore, handle tubulars without a separate, dedicated HTV machine.

Electric iRacker® System

An autonomous tubular handling system that enables completely hands-free pipe handling and offline stand building.

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