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Innovating the
Future of Energy

Our three pillars – Talent, Technology and Transition –
represent our formula to drive sustainable outperformance
and enduring value for stakeholders.
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nanO2® Fuel Enhancer Saves 1,700 mt of CO2e on Initial Nabors Rigs

Nabors is leveraging its new line of energy transition technologies to further differentiate its fleet, save fuel and lower the carbon intensity of drilling operations. A product showing particular promise in its first deployments on initial Nabors rigs is the nanO2...

“Drilling Deeper” Geothermal Video Series: Ep. 3: Quaise Energy

"Drilling Deeper" Geothermal Video Series Nabors made four geothermal venture investments in 2021-2022. The "Drilling Deeper" series features each of our portfolio company CEOs, providing a glimpse into their backgrounds and taking a deeper dive into their...




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Setting the industry standard for
safety and efficiency.

Nabors Drilling Solutions

Building better wells from the ground up through
industry-leading automations and digital tools


Engineering best-in-class advanced and robotic
drilling equipment

Energy Transition

Decarbonizing operations and pursuing emerging lower carbon business models

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