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Energy Storage

Designed to optimize power generation, energy storage solutions such as the Hybrid Energy Management (hEMS) or the Canrig PowerFLOW™ Systems are purpose-built to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. These energy storage solutions can be integrated with natural gas, dual-fuel, or diesel engines to optimize drilling operations by lowering fuel costs and emissions and maximizing capital efficiency.​​

Hybrid Energy Management System (hEMS) with CleanDesign Battery​

The hEMS upgrades any drilling rig into a hybrid rig, using CleanDesign battery energy storage and an automated engine management system to reduce the number of gensets operating.

  • No Reduction in Drawworks Speed
  • Elimination of Power Limits
  • Increased Drilling Speed
  • 24/7 Data
hEMS with CleanDesign
Canrig PowerFLOW™​

Canrig PowerFLOW™ combines a Super Capacitor Energy Storage Solution (ESS) and a proprietary power management system to provide a true Peak Shaving Solution, reducing the required number of online gensets.

Patented DC bus technology, and with the use of Super
Capacitors, allows PowerFLOW™ to provide immediate power for load spikes during tripping and other operations, and maximizes energy capture during drawworks braking, improving the drawworks motor acceleration curve and reducing the need for diesel generated power above base load.

  • Improves Drawworks Accleration
  • 30+ Year Life Span
  • Estimated 25% Fuel Savings
  • No Maintenance Required