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BOP Testing

Nabors offers the broadest range of quality blowout preventer (BOP) testing services to ensure low probability of well control issues and downtime and to protect the safety of crews, the rig and the wellbore itself.

Our BOP testing services include:

  • BOP installation and inspection at the rig site
  • API-compliant, field-proven testing of BOP components
  • Analog and digital data recording options compliant with regulatory requirements

Qualified experts

Using the latest equipment, our highly trained rig site personnel offer a full range of BOP installation and inspection services, including regularly scheduled field testing and testing after maintenance of BOP stack.

Our team of experienced testing specialists provides faster installation, helps confirm well performance and mitigates risks to promote a well-controlled rig environment. Our technical service and support at the rig site also mitigates contractor HSE risks and avoids problems associated with acquiring equipment and testing from multiple sources.

Custom-designed equipment

The Nabors BOP testing skid is custom-designed, containing a triplex testing pump and all supporting torque wrenches. With dual lifting points, it is easily transported in both land and offshore applications. Features include:

  • Triplex pump package specifically selected for its durability
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Safety features, such as isolation and pressure relief valves
  • An electrical components that are UL and CSA-approved for Class I Division II areas
  • At 11 GPM, the triplex pump package minimizes total testing time by increasing fill rate
  • Test results captured in a digital format, ensuring the integrity of test results and access to an electronic file for future reference

Our BOP testing equipment is maintained to Nabors’ high standards, using proprietary myMaintenance system to ensure equipment reliability.

Enhanced safety

Nabors’ crews meet API testing guidelines for all BOP equipment, reducing the number of additional personnel required at the wellsite. Third-party vendors represent the largest portion of incidents on a drilling location. Using Nabors BOP testing services eliminates problems associated with acquiring equipment and testing from multiple sources.

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