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Casing Drive System

Reduce risks normally associated with casing running by adding an automated Casing Drive System™ (CDS) to ensure casing gets to bottom safely and efficiently.

The Canrig® CDS is an adaptive and powerful casing running tool that serves many uses throughout casing operations. Whether the tool is used for an entire run, used for making up connections, as a fill-up tool, reaming casing, or just on stand-by in case of stuck pipe, the CDS can benefit any casing operation.

The CDS reduces the manpower required on the rig floor and in the derrick by replacing conventional equipment, such as the manual single joint elevator, and by utilizing its integrated link-tilt system which incorporates extendable bails and hydraulic single joint elevators. This enables casing to be picked up at the V-door. An internal CDS tool applies grapples to the inside of casing to make up connections, and the external tool applies dies to the outside of the casing. The link-tilt system then positions the casing joint over the hole and supports the casing while lowering the CDS™ and top drive, eliminating the need for unnecessary manual pipe-handling on the rig floor.

Once the connection is made up, circulation can be initiated, and the CDS may manipulate the entire string of casing. When used with a slip/spider assembly, the CDS interlock eliminates the chance of dropping the string in the wellbore by preventing the CDS from releasing the pipe until the slips are set.

The CDS is designed with packer cups which allow it to be utilized as a fill-up tool until it is necessary to rotate the casing to bottom. This saves time and also eliminates the danger of rigging up stabbing boards and having stabbers in the derrick.



  • Ability to simultaneously rotate and reciprocate enables the operator to make up casing, reach bottom in tortuous wellbores, and improve cementation
  • Eliminates and/or works in conjunction with conventional casing running equipment (i.e. power tongs, traveling rig elevators, top drive, and casing fill up tool)
  • Many CDS configurations and ratings ensure compatibility with various rigs for conventional casing running and casing while drilling operations
  • The utilization of the link tilt system and automated hands-free operation greatly reduces the exposure to unnecessary risks and improves rig safety

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