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Canrig® AC Top Drives

Electric top drives use the power of the existing rig generator to perform the necessary tasks required for drilling applications. Advantages to using an electric top drive include the following benefits: low maintenance, improved performance efficiency, higher torque capacity, and more environmentally friendly.

Available Models

  • T250
  • C275
  • T350/400
  • T350/400 HT
  • T500
  • T500 HT
  • C500
  • C750

Canrig manufactures, markets and services a full range of electric top drive systems for most land and offshore rigs. This includes top drives in every size and configuration to meet any drilling application whether marine, desert, jungle or arctic environments.

Canrig®  top drives are engineered and manufactured to API 8-C standards and carry the API monogram, setting the standard for safety, reliability and efficiency. Superbly engineered products and unparalleled service have moved the company to the forefront of the electric top drive drilling industry.

Onshore Portable Electric Top Drives

  • Exclusive folding torque guide for fastest, safest rig-up
  • Independent VFD house can easily be connected to the rig power source
  • Optional engine-generator system for mechanical or underpowered rigs
  • Land configuration skied with Top Drive Support Unit (TDSU), Grasshopper, cable tray and additional spare parts storage
  • Complete system transports in two self-contained loads

Onshore Integrated Electric Top Drives

  • Integrated and stand-alone VFD options
  • All electric controls can be fully integrated into the rig’s master control system
  • Torque can be reacted through mast legs, eliminating the need for torque guide
  • Top drive can be permanently fixed into the mast eliminating the need for removal during transport
  • Multiple console option

Offshore Electric Top Drives

  • Fixed torque guide sized with mast or wide flange track
  • Highly adaptable to a variety of torque tracks
  • Retract feature for pipe handling
  • Design includes work platforms for easy, safe access to the top drive
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings and sub-assemblies
  • Load capabilities from 750-1000 tons
  • ABS and ATEX certification available

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