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Blue Force® Motors

Nabors’ Blue Force® motors are positive displacement motors ranging from 4 ¾” to 9 5/8” and designed to deliver accurate wellbores at a greater rate of penetration (ROP) in a wide variety of drilling applications. Customized for specific drilling applications, Blue Force motors provide operators with an increase in reliability and a reduction in overall drilling days. 

Robust Design

In order to reduce costs and make wells more economical, operators are pushing the technical limits of drilling equipment. Additional stresses to the mud motor can result in equipment failure, costly repairs and increased flat time. Nabors’ Blue Force motors are designed to meet that challenge. They feature:

  • Mud-lubricated bearings which are not affected by mud type or temperature, ensuring reliable torque delivery
  • Adjustable housing which allows for wellsite adjustments for increased performance and durability
  • Short bit-to-bend design that enables driller to achieve build rates with a reduced bend, minimizes stress while rotating in doglegs and reduces time spent in slide drilling mode
  • Heavy-duty transmission which accommodates high-torque power sections for higher rate of penetration and enhances motor durability for reduced drilling time
  • Evenwall power section which increases torque and durability in high-temperature environments, prevents premature failure and reduces nonperformance time

Customized to Fit Specific Drilling Needs

Blue Force motors are configured for specific applications using different power sections required to provide maximum horsepower to the bit. When preparing to execute a job, Nabors’ expert drilling team looks at temperature, type of drilling fluid, and if possible, samples of the fluid to check for elastomer compatibility. They also look at bit speed required, type of formation, rig capabilities and historical hole issues to determine the best power section for the job. To optimize performance, Nabors provides a fit-for-purpose motor designed to finish the section in one run.

Drill Smarter with Nabors

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