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Innovating the Future of Energy

December 1, 2021

​Our three pillars – Talent, Technology and Transition – represent our formula to drive sustainable outperformance and enduring value for stakeholders

Nabors believes society will need hydrocarbons for years to come – and that they must be produced responsibly. We also recognize the urgency to broaden the global energy mix and achieve a lower carbon future. Accordingly, we’ve implemented several initiatives to differentiate ourselves and to lead in the new energy landscape. As Nabors embarks on this journey, we’re focused on 3T’s – Talent, Technology and Transition – to innovate the future of energy and deliver value to our stakeholders. The three forward leaning pillars symbolize this corporate philosophy and signify forward momentum as we lean in and look towards the future. Each colored pillar corresponds with one of our 3T’s.

  • Talent: Nabors is the culmination of 10,000 colleagues, made up of over 70 nationalities in more than 15 countries. We believe people are the foundation of companies and drive business performance. It’s only fitting that our “Nabors blue” pillar symbolizes our global talent. It also represents our commitment to build a workforce of the future within our business and in the broader community, with the goals of diversifying, achieving equity and inclusion and reskilling for the digital age.
  • Technology: For a century, our commitment to technology and innovation has driven significant advancements in safety, efficiency and overall drilling performance. As we look towards a new and exciting future, we are leveraging our legacy of technology leadership to forge the next wave of transformative technologies and help our customers win in the future of energy. Our innovation efforts are focused across: digital solutions, drilling automation, robotics, high-spec rig fleet and rig tech.
  • Transition: Nabors has long embraced environmental stewardship. Now we’ve upped our ambition to achieve new sustainability goals. Suitably, the green pillar symbolizes our energy transition efforts. Our initiatives include deploying energy efficiency and emissions reduction technologies within and outside our industry, existing venture investments and expected future investment in significant lower carbon businesses through our special purpose acquisition company.

This formula is expected to drive outcomes for our stakeholders across five primary areas.

  • Excellence: Safety and competence.
  • Efficiency: Better, faster wells.
  • Environmentalism: Stewardship and leadership.
  • Experience: Deep customer and employee relationships.
  • Economics: Value creation and capital discipline.