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Canrig® Sigma Top Drive

The Canrig® Sigma 500-ton top drive is the next generation top drive, completely reimagined to endure the harshest drilling conditions while operating with the highest continuous torque in its class.

Designed to endure the harshest drilling conditions, this all-new, innovative top drive provides more power, performance and torque density than ever before, while enabling greater automation and remote-control capabilities – both at the surface and downhole.

Currently outfitted with the smart suite of software, this top drive can be seamlessly integrated and automatically controlled by the driller, enabling more consistent and precise control over both directional and horizontal drilling operations.

The Canrig® Sigma top drive includes technology and preventative maintenance features that monitor machine health, usage and diagnostics, resulting in increased reliability and an overall lower cost of ownership.

Key Features

  • High Torque Efficiency for longer lateral wells
  • 30% less components for safer operations
  • Advanced automation through seamless integrations
  • 20db(A) reduction significantly decreases environmental noise
  • 5-10% more energy efficient

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