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Big Foot MODS® 400 – Ultra Deepwater Platform Drilling Rig

The largest of its kind, the Big Foot ultra-deepwater platform rig was designed for spar and TLP platforms. Unique features of the 4,600-horsepower Mobile Offshore Dynamic Series (MODS™) rig include:

Vertically Telescoping Derrick

  • API 4F – 2000 kips x 170 foot
  • Patent-pending design
  • Features using platform crane and drawworks to facilitate – and expedite – the installation process in lieu of member-by-member installation method. Overall safety of personnel is a direct benefit with expedited installation. 
  • Telescoping derrick consists of five sections. Intermediate sections are joined by bolted connections. Once scoped into position, locking pins of base section are actuated to support operating loads. 
  • Crown assembly capable of stringing 16 lines of 2″ drilling line. 

Skidding System and Hurricane Anti-uplift and Slide System

  • Rig substructure and drill floor are capable of skidding to well slots by hydraulic lift and roll skidding system.
  • Anti-uplift clamps and anti-skidding mechanical locking devices are designed for quick-acting lockdown of rig substructure to platform during hurricane conditions. 

Moveable Tubular Handling Knuckleboom Crane

  • Along with the horizontal pipe handling  machine, the proprietary tubular handling knuckleboom crane moves with the drilling substructure and is an integral part of the catwalk machine support structure. 
  • Supports drilling activity by maximizing operations: +/- 180º slew versatility to handle drill pipe and casing joints  
  • Provides maximum reach to all tubulars and catwalk machine at well locations

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