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A Message from Our CEO

April 3, 2020

Never before has the modern world faced such an insidious virus that has so drastically and rapidly affected our personal and professional lives. As different challenges emerge, we answer the call, in ways to protect our employees and their loved ones. None of this has been easy and I am truly humbled by the impressive work I have seen from every corner of our company.

At this point, we still do not have all the answers when it comes to COVID-19. What we do know is that social distancing and testing is key. To the extent we can, we have empowered the Nabors staff to work remotely and we are surveying everyone who steps foot on our facilities. We continuously update our dedicated internal portals with new information, resources and guidance. Knowledge is the best weapon we can arm you with in this battle against COVID-19.

I want to commend our colleagues around the world for their response, especially those who first faced the challenge. They were confronted by the swiftness and severity of COVID-19, while the enormity of what was happening was still being realized in other parts of the globe. Despite the quick reactions required, those affected took the time to share their experiences and learnings with the rest of our company.

Knowing cycles can plague our industry, we must stay prepared and ready to make adjustments. We don’t know how long this scenario will last and we cannot predict what will happen in our industry. The sector downturn, combined with COVID-19, presents a formidable challenge that encroaches in new territory for each of us.

We have witnessed truly inspirational acts from our Nabors staff. Many of you have quietly stepped up to make decisions, craft new processes or take the initiative to act. I ask that you keep going. I also encourage you to keep taking care of yourself, your family and each other.

Thank you for everything you have done and for never wavering in your commitment to Nabors.  Together, we have the stamina and strength to emerge more resilient.