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nanO2® Fuel Enhancer Saves 1,700 mt of CO2e on Initial Nabors Rigs

November 8, 2022

Nabors is leveraging its new line of energy transition technologies to further differentiate its fleet, save fuel and lower the carbon intensity of drilling operations.

A product showing particular promise in its first deployments on initial Nabors rigs is the nanO2 fuel enhancer, which is exclusively distributed by Canrig to customers in the drilling and completions industry.

An additive that improves fuel efficiency and increases engine performance, nanO2 reduces emissions and combustion temperatures. With an easy to use and precise dosing unit, nanO2 is added to the onsite diesel fuel storage without making costly engine modifications.

To date, Nabors has treated over 3.4 million gallons of diesel fuel with nanO2 on rigs in the U.S., Latin America and Middle East. This has saved over 1,700 metric tons of CO2e, the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 366 gasoline-powered vehicles driven for one year. The fuel saved equates to about 110 rig operating days.

Importantly, using nanO2 to improve fuel efficiency on this first set of Nabors rigs also helped avoid 22 truckloads of fuel deliveries, lowering traffic congestion and associated safety risks and emissions from those vehicles.

While the first deployments and early results from nanO2 are significant, Nabors aims to double them by the end of Q4 and continue deploying additional units in 2023.

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